Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Five men accused of killing 60 'migrants' on Italy-bound ship

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Iron Dome intercepts rocket

An interception of a rocket by the Iron Dome anti-missile system is seen above the Israeli town of Sderot July 21, 2014

Al-kaeda snubs caliphart by renewing allegiance to taliban

New online publication offers first response to rise of the pislamic State as extremist groups tussle for leadership of global jihad
Al-kaeda has renewed its pledge of allegiance to Mullah Omar and the taliban, in a move that will be viewed as a snub to the pislamic State and its caliphart
The statement, issued in a new online magazine, is the movement’s first official response to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his blitzkrieg advance through Syria and Irak
It suggests al-kaeda will not easily relinquish its place as the assumed leader of the global jihad
“The first edition begins by renewing the pledge of allegiance to Emir of the Believers Mullah Mahound Omar Mujahid, may allah preserve him, and confirming that al-kaeda and its branches everywhere are soldiers among his soldiers,” according to a translation published by the Site Intelligence Group
The bulletin, called al-Nafir (or “call to arms”) was released this week by al-kaeda’s media arm, although it was written some weeks ago

The statement is the movement’s first official response to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his blitzkrieg advance through Syria and Irak
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CAIR-NY joins officials, community leaders to condemn 'hate' incidents

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MH17 crash 'punishment' for Malaysia Airlines offering alcohol, flight attendants' dress: pislamic party

The youth leader of a Malaysian opposition party has claimed the MH17 tragedy was allah punishing Malaysia Airlines for serving alcohol on its flights and its “indecent” dress code
Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman, the youth information chief of the opposition Pan-Malaysian pislamic Party (PAS), said the serving of alcohol, which is prohibited under pislam, and the dress code of Malaysia Airlines flight attendants' “cross the boundaries of pislam”
But as predominantly Malaysia mourns the loss of its second Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in months, other politicians condemned the remarks as the country’s 222 MPs put aside their political differences while prime minister Najib Razak moved a condolence motion in an emergency session of Parliament
Mr Tarmizi was quoted in Malaysia’s media as saying majority state-owned Malaysia Airlines was ignoring the tenets of pislam
“If the government wishes to introspect and to garner the blessings of allah, what is wrong in conducting a study on the percentage of passengers who would not fly MAS if alcohol is not served and its flight attendants observe pislamic dress code?,” he said
PAS enjoys strong support in Malaysia’s northern and rural conservative states
But former minister Wee Ka Siong described the remarks ridiculous and insensitive and a selfish attempt to use people’s anguish for political benefit
“The nation is facing many daunting challenges over this disaster but instead of lending their support to the government and the people they have decided to continue making nonsensical statements,” said Mr Wee who is deputy president of the Malaysian Chinese Association
MPs from all major parties have praised Mr Najib for secretly negotiating an agreement with pro-Russian separatists for the return of bodies from MH17
Forty three Malaysians were killed

Part of the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, in a field in the Donetsk region of Ukraine
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Israeli tank at sunset

An Israeli tank manoeuvres outside the northern Gaza Strip July 21, 2014

Fatah glorifies 9 female terrorists who killed 75 people in total

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The taliban cannot retake Afghanistan, says senior insurgent leader

Agha Jan Motasim says withdrawal of Nato forces this year will also make it harder for militants to justify their war
A veteran taliban leader has offered a startling view of Afghanistan's conflict, saying militants no longer have the support they need to overrun the country when Nato combat forces leave
In an interview with Pokistan’s Express Tribune newspaper, Agha Jan Motasim also said the withdrawal of occupying troops would rob the insurgency of its legitimacy and repeated his earlier calls for a negotiated settlement
His intervention comes at a critical time for the country. A recount is under way to settle disputed presidential elections and the taliban has stepped up attacks in recent weeks
However, Motasim said conditions were very different to 1996 when the taliban was able to fill a security vacuum and claim Kabul
“Now the world supports the Afghan National Army and the government, while the taliban do not enjoy support among the Afghans,” he said
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Musa Cerantonio arrives back in Melbourne

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Accused ‘jihadist preacher’ Robert ‘Musa’ Cerantonio arrives in Melbourne

An Australian with suspected links to pislamist militants in Syria and Irak is free to walk the streets of Melbourne after he was deported from the Philippines overnight
Australian Federal Police met Robert ‘Musa’ Cerantonio, 29, at Melbourne Airport this morning after his flight from Manila
They said the Melbourne man not breached any Australian law, but federal police would continue to monitor him
“Mr Cerantonio’s known social media postings are considered offensive and disturbing, however have been assessed as not breaching Australian law to this point,” the AFP said
Accompanied by another man, Mr Cerantonio walked in stony-faced silence from the terminal to a waiting car and was driven away
Philippine police described Mr Cerantonio as a “jihadist preacher” who was allegedly using social media websites to call for jihad, and encouraging local koranimals to support the pislamic State in Syria and Irak
Mr Cerantonio was arrested on July 11 in the central Philippine province of Cebu and charged with being an undocumented foreigner after Australian authorities cancelled his passport on July 7

Robert ‘Musa’ Cerantonio at Melbourne Airport

Outspoken extremist preacher Robert ‘Musa’ Cerantonio has walked free after landing at Melbourne Airport and spending hours with police and customs officials
The controversial cleric, who has spoken openly in the past to media, reneged on his promise to speak to reporters on arrival, and spoke only to ask directions out of the airport from security officials
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Libya militias in renewed battle for airport

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Rights group accuses US of targeting arselifters in counterterrorism operations

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7/7 London bombings survivor Gill Hicks plans Adelaide local government run

Adelaide woman Gill Hicks, who lost her legs in the London terrorist bombings in 2005, is planning a grassroots political future
She will contest a seat on Unley Council in Adelaide's inner south at local government elections in November
Ms Hicks says she is keen to make a difference for her local community
"I'm up for new challenges in life. It's my community, it's where I now call home," she said
"I absolutely feel passionate about what I can be doing to, pardon the pun, step up and say 'Okay through my experience what can I contribute?'"
Ms Hicks says she feels no specific need to be a campaigner on disability issues
She says she is a disabled person who is "doing it" with the challenges she takes on
The Adelaide woman says her background in the design field makes her mindful of improving accessibility to buildings, ensuring footpaths are safe and promoting features that ensure universal access in communities
She will run as an independent candidate in Goodwood ward
On July 7 2005 Ms Hicks lost her legs in the London Underground explosions which killed 56 people, including the four suicide bombers
Ms Hicks was in the same carriage as a suicide bomber on the Piccadilly line
Twenty-six other people in the same carriage were killed when that bomb detonated
She was the last victim carried alive from the train wreckage and her heart stopped twice on the way to hospital
But with enormous determination she made a strong recovery

Gill Hicks tries her newest artificial legs under Sally Cavenett's expert eye
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Goat outta here!

Tampa teen not beaten enough by Israelis interviewed on MSNBC's 'All In with Chris Hayes'

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ramadamadingdong bolsters social solidarity among Hungarian arselifters

Ramadamadingdong, the unholy pislamic month of farting, offers social and economic benefits for arselifters around the world
Hungary, host of a minority arselifter population, is one of them
The daiy farting duration takes almost 20 hours in the central European country, but arselifters have enjoyed a ramadamadingdong that cements social ties among them
The moske in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, the Martyr Isa Omer moske, is the center where Hungarian arselifters come together and share the fart-breaking ifart dinner
As recommended by the false prophet Mahound, arselifters first break their fart with water or persimmon and then perform the evening preyers after dinner
Despite the long hours of farting, Hungarian arselifters continue to practice the divine duty
pislam is an officially recognized religion by the Hungarian authorities
Apart from Budapest, arselifters in the towns such as Debrecen, Gyor and Siklos have enjoyed the spirit of ramadamadingdong in the little moskes that serve as a meeting point for them
Today, the Hungarian arselifter community is composed of those who reverted to pislam after the regime change and immigrant arselifters
It is estimated that nearly one thousand people have reverted since the communist regime ended

The Martyr Isa Omer moske in Budapest
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Israeli aircraft hit dozens of Gaza targets

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Helicopter high overhead

A U.S. helicopter flies during clashes between taliban fighters and Afghan government forces in Kabul, Afghanistan

Arselifters flock to see a giant wooden koranus in Indonesia

Thousands of visitors have been rushing to Indonesia to see the largest koranus carved out on wood in Palembang, South Sumatra
Starting work on the giant wooden koranus in 2002, a team of writers, carvers, carpenters and painters led by Ihsaniyah pislamic boarding school caretaker Syofwatillah Mohzaib began carving timber from the Tembesu tree, which is known to be termite-proof and durable
Seven years and US$170,976 later, the project, named al-koranus al-Akbar (The Biggest koranus) features 15 chapters of the koranus carved on both sides of 315 revolving timber panels measuring 177cm x 140 cm. The structure, which is five-storeys high, will get even bigger as chapters 16 to 30 are currently being carved
“I was inspired to make al-Akbar after completing the calligraphy and door ornaments at the Palembang Grand moske. I wanted to make the largest wood-carved koranus in the world,” Syofwatillah was quoted by the Jakarta Post
“The creation of al-Akbar was achieved purely with private donations and several larger donors, so it took a long time to finish. Work was suspended several times because we ran out of money,” Syofwatillah added
Syofwatillah also he hoped to build a special 11-story building to house the wooden koranus, which is currently in his boarding school
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